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Listen to me the Man!

I will tell you an old history: before you do not become this being with the cordial accesses, but also calculator, egoist and cold (when it is a question of your "financial interests"...)
This Man who known as honest, but often receiver, robber (the occasion not to be missed), 
This Man who thinks of being right, however lying, which hides certain not very honourable facts, by cowardice (under the pretext: not to make suffer...)
This Man who says magnet, but however killer, assassin because intolerant racist (and that in the name of morals, the good cause.)
However there are cycles of that, you were a man, in all his size. Because you were not a little that, much that and a suspicion of that. 
You knew what you had the right to make or not to make. You did not hide behind false values and false pretexts. 

Are you a little assassin?
Not ! You are assassin

Are you a little robber?
Not ! You are robber

Are  you too good?
Not ! Yyou are good

A little malicious?
Too much nice?
A little hard?

To hate a little, like a little, a little!

One is never a little, one is.
In this time of which I speak to you, you had reached me, but the centuries passing, you lost me, to find me never again, "except some exceptions" because you left yourself corrupted

The Man of this time about which I speak to you was acquired. He felt responsible for his words, of his acts. Only Knowledge, the Love, the Truth was important for him. It was conscious of the divinity who lived it.