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N°1 stage


Like Socrate says it: even know and you will know the Universe and the Gods "
And one will be able to add: You will know God who is in you

How to know you well?

Look in you!

Seek in very first place qualities and the defects quoted previously, recognize them!
Do not lie yourself, would be objective!

Be any excuse, nobody is not there to judge you.

When you establish all that you do and all that you are able to make in good or evil, take stock of positive and negative of your life.

Do not hesitate to take a pen and paper, divides your sheet into two, in one of the columns, register what you do of beautiful and of good and what is not it in the other.

If you are unhappy, seeks why.
Analyses you. Come and reconsider the judgement which you even carry on you.

Take time necessary to make this investigation, that cannot be done in a few minutes