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An old Hindu legend
tell that it a time ago
where all the men were
But they misused so much
of their divinity that Brâhma,
the Master of the gods decided
their to remove it temporarily
divine capacity and to hide it
at a place where it would be
impossible to find it.
The major problem was thus of
he to find a hiding-place.

When minor gods
were convened with a council
to solve this problem,
they proposed this:
"Let us bury the divinity of
the man in the ground ". But
Brâhma answered: "Not, that
is not enough, because the man
will dig and find ".

Then the gods retorted:
"In this case, let us throw the divi-
- nity in deepest of
oceans ". But Brâhma answered
again: "Not, because early or
late, the man will explorer them
depths of all the oceans,
and it is certain that one day
it will find it and will go up it
on surface ".

The gods made a news
suggestion: "Let us transport it
on another planet at the end
melts of the universe ". But there
still Brâhma says to them: "Not,
because one day the man will rise
in the airs and will explore
infinite space ".

Then minor gods idiot
clurent: "We do not know
where to hide it because it does not seem
not to exist on ground, in
sea or in the sky of place
that the man cannot catch one day ".

Then Brahma known as: "Here it
that we will make of the divinity
of the man: we will hide it
with deepest of itself,
because it is the only place where
he will never think of expensive
- expensive ".

Since this time, concludes
caption, the man did it
tower of the ground, it explored,
climbed, plunged and dug, with
the search for something
who is in him