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   1st PART

We wish to make you share the vision which we have of our future humanity. We want in particular to testify and to show by our existence, that, which the religions wanted disappeared, which, which they recommended to exterminate did not die; Notwithstanding all that was implemented to destroy forever the very first belief in the world: the paramount religion. THE GENTILISM.


André MALRAUX said 
"the 21e century will be one century of spirituality or will not be."

This reflexion over the century to come leads us to meditate on the future of our humanity and returns to us lucid as for the urgency of its change of thought and behaviour. A few years ago still, the men were carried by great passions which gave goals to their life: The religion, the policy, science, careerism. 
What we see! Which are the reasons which led the men to scorn spirituality and to lose their religious convictions?

Did the Man, in his majority, become ambitious, careerist why?

In his majority, the Western man is not fanaticised any more by the religions and
proved disappointed by the polemic on the veracity of the genesis, on the mystery of the faith. 

It has more this naive confidence only it had formerly in the religious teaching which is exempted to him. Not being able to receive answers to the existential questions which worry them, believing them and still near the Ministers for the various worships that or that seeks sought which will convince them, will fascinate them, in order to preserve their intact faith.

Why this desertion? Certainly, because of the lack of rigour
Ministers for the churches in contradiction in their acts, with the theological writings.

All the great religions transcend the love of its next, however do not apply it or little, and are intolerant, racist, sectarian, misogynists. 

The religions exhort, and still preaches hatred and glorified the extermination of people, they massacred whole populations in order to impose their dogmas, and still do it, forgetting voluntarily the divine laws.

None of the three great religions monotheists has escaped with the use of slaughter, to impose themselves and settle in the people. 

Let us take for example the Bible: It is written that when ABRAHAM saw the ground of Canaan, it promised it to its people.
ABRAHAM called to the Hebrew people: 
"It is with your descent that I will give this country"
(Gn 12,7) when it leaves the CHALDEE, and goes in CANAAN, the latter, will become promised ground. 
This ground was inhabited, and Hebrew will not have of cease to adapt this ground. 
The Hebraic religion with its beginning will be proselyte and by the force it will be established dogmatically and geographically. For that it will not hesitate to kill, despoil, massacre her Païens brothers: the Gentiles ones.

Thus there are 4800 years the people of gentility (pagan) AMOREENS, CANANEENS, GEBUSEENS, GIRGACHENS, PERIZEENS, HITTITES, HIVITES, These 7 people will be era diced by Josué successor of Moïse. 

(the Torah deutéronome(verset10,12,14,15,16)

Then that will come to the turn from the AMMONITES, the EDONITES, the MOABITES and the NATOUFIENS,
Other wars, other massacres, other exterminations of people 

These wars of ISRAEL were interpreted like the wars of Yahvé 

(Wars known as holy)

Example of a regulation related to the war known as holy: It acts of (HEREM) or (Heram). Habit which consisted in making the wish destroy all the people and all the goods in the event of victory.
Finally at the end of a history full with destroying and sanguinary fury, peace will return when Yahvé restores Israel and that the any power of God will be recognized by all (ez 31,35-36)

The dissatisfied ones with this religion will create some another and,
that will be the birth of Christianity.

The Christians in their turn, to impose itself, dice that they will have the possibility of it will hasten to prohibit the proselytism of the Hébraïque religion. 
They were however and hitherto, the faithful ones of this religion and the brothers of these believing.

in (313 after J.C) the emperor very Christian Constantin will ratify this interdict

20 centuries of Christianity! 
2000 years of paradox!

Christ with known as: "I leave you peace, like you the ones the others" 
However he also says:

chapter 10 verse 34 Jesus known as:
"do not believe that I would have come to bring peace on the ground, I did not come to bring peace but the glaive one, because I came to separate and to draw up the man against his father, the girl against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and the man will have as enemies, people of his house. Who loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me! Who likes wire or girl more than me is not worthy of me, and who does not seize his cross and does not go to my continuation is not worthy of me. Who will have found his life will lose it, and who will have lost its life because of me will find!.

chapter 19 - verse 29 Jesus known as:

And whoever will have left house or brother or sister or father or mother or children or fields because of my name, will receive well more and will have the eternal life.
chapter 6-verse 10-12 
Jesus still said: 
"Where that you enter a house, remain there until you leave from there. As for the place which would not accommodate you and where one would not listen to you, while leaving from there, shake the ground which is under your feet, in testimony against them " 

chapter 14-verse 25-27

Many crowd made to road with him (Jesus) and, being turned over, he says to them:
"If somebody comes with me and does not hate his/her father, and his mother, and her children, and its brothers, and its sisters, and until her own life, it cannot be my disciple.
Whoever does not carry its cross and does not come to my continuation cannot be my disciple.

For memory let us give a small history: Let us see how to the wire of the centuries the word of Christ was applied:

In February 380 Théodose Emperor Roman proclaims the obligatory catholic faith and, prohibited the pagan worship in all its forms, and in all the empire.

beginning of the heresy and its procession
Massacres, tortures, and injustices

The church condemns violence but, establishes as of the 4e century, the idea of the war right:
That which was inspired by this aberration will be holy Augustin, in the year of grace 354.

What a war right? 
It is a war says one ordered by GOD. 
But attention! writing in the text:
One will have to kill without hatred, 
without idea of revenge, intention to make evil.
By the fact: the war right is an act of punitive justice.
Holy Augustin gives right examples of wars: 
A Christian emperor can make only one war right with the Nice ones, since they do not want Christianity. 
All the wars against the heretics whatever they are, are right wars. 

Some examples of right wars

In Gaule and Spain in 304 the DONATISTES led by DONA bishop of Carthage founder of this movement create a schism of the church which opposed the rigorous bishops and the realistic bishops.
Saint Augustin will make massacre the undisciplined donatists and it will be:
an act of punitive justice.
However Donatistes had the same religion! Only their ideas were different from those of Holy Augustin.

Another war known as just: 
opposition enters Dominican even the Cajetan cardinal and the Sylvestre pope, counters the Jesuits, the Suarez theologise and the Molina theologise

Once again! Even religion but of the different ideas, the two orders state to make a war right. Only! at the time of these wars they are not the monks who killed themselves, but the people which die 
Always in the idea of war right: 
Even more strongly to impose the Catholic Christians will create the holy enquiry with all refinements of torture,

The enquiry will be instituted in May 1184 and will be abolished only in July 1834 
Seven hundred and fifty years of sufferings.

It will be the crusade against the ALBIGENSIANS. In 1208, the enquiry will require the extermination of people CATHARES (known as heretic) Extermination in 1244. 36 years of persecutions. Crusade carried out on the initiative of the Innocent pope III

In connection with this genocide, we still have in memory this sentence sadly celebrates:
"Kill to them all, God will recognize to them his"

The holy enquiry in 1478 will be at the origin of the execution of 2000 converted Jews MARRANES of force. Crime of injures confession, they continued in secrecy to practise their religion

This same enquiry will be also the instigator of the massacre of the Indians by the conquistadors in 1492 and, of Incas in 1532
To keep the capacity, in the name of God and of Christ, the CATHOLICS will not hesitate, to start a fratricidal war: While to cut the throat of, while, by skinning their Christian brothers: PROTESTANTS. Also revealed, like Heretics.
To speak about wars of religion: it is spoken, of the massacre of the Barthélemy saint who took place in the night of August 24, 1572, but one seldom speaks about the massacres perpetrated at the time of the very first war of religion (in Luberon in 1544) against the Protestants Vaudois it will last one year.

Always at the time of this first war one will kill Protestants A Vassy (current department of the High Marne in France). The same year with ORANGE massacres Protestant women: qualified naked "WHORES" and shown in public place. One had placed to them according to the historian: "of the ox horns in the sex, after having killed them" 

March 19, 1567, has Sens birth of the 2e war of religion, and always against the protestants.Il will be written on this slaughter:
"the corpses of the Protestants are treated as one could have done it bodies of animals"

the day before an identical massacre took place has St Denis

In August 1568 will be born the 3e war of religion. 
It will extend in all the kingdom from France and will last two years.
In 1572 it holy Barthélemy will actually be that the beginning of the 4e war of religion, it will extend in province and will end only in 1598. twenty six years of massacre it will generate
Four other wars. On the whole 8 wars of religion, 54 years of persecutions. 

Alas! this list of slaughters is unfortunately not exhaustive.
With this revolting description let us quote the name of some popes who will not hesitate to be useful themselves of the weapons and, to kill to impose their wills and to sit their inheritances. Thus becoming of banal chiefs of wars.
(1503) Jules II (1555) Paul IV (1590) Gregoire XIV (1597) Clement VIII (1641) Urbain VIII 
They invited their flocks to perish for the Papal States.

Pie IX in 1867 said: "I quote
Those which send their only son to be made kill for the defense of our principat civil and the sovereignty of the saint sits. That they are glorified and are delighted by their blood poured for this cause! " 

One does not hear today this same kind of speech by the Islamic monks.

To finish with this paragraph, we will speak about the ISLAMIC RELIGION. Religion born of the preceding ones. 
Mahomet does not claim to bring a new religion, he says to want to restore the religion that God revealed with the prophets, and only wishes: that the man is submitted to God.

"total Tender with the divine will"

How to impose this tender? How to justify it? How to subject the men? He will do it by the force, By qualifying this authority of divine. 
Once again a word will sanctify this type of war. 
It will be baptized (Djihad)"holy war"
It is written in Coran: that God only authorizes the war to defend himself!
The monks will not then hesitate to declare all wars: 
"as being defensive! "
Three verses of Coran having milked with the holy war

In the name of lenient and God
When you meet the inaccurate ones, kill them until making a great carnage of it, and tighten the obstacles of the prisoners whom you will have made.
Believing truths say: god it did not reveal a chapter which orders the holly war ? whatever, obedience and a suitable language, it would be more advantageous to them
In the name of lenient and God

We will invite you to walk against the powerful nations; you will fight them until this which embrace Islamism. If you obey, God will grant a beautiful reward to you. 
thus the 1st holy war, carried out by Mohamed will destroy the Arabs who will not want to convert.
Then against the Jewish tribes, Christians and the pagan ones. Altogether: Against all believing them and not believing issued unsubdued, called "inaccurate"

We, remember Djihâd used by colonel Kadhafi 
Unfortunately, we are pilot today atrocities made by "this war known as holy" This Djihâd which assassinates each day in Algeria of the innocent brothers: "Babies, children, women and men", to found the fear, and the domination.
We will make state of the climate of terror which the people submitted to the Talibans lived: . Who removed with the man the right to laugh and the women the right to exist!
We will speak about terrorism! American towers! Of the terrorist chief "Ben-Laden" etc. 

we will quote you only one verse of Coran which speaks about the women, in order to better include/understand why they are treated thus

in the name of lenient and God



The men rank above the women because of qualities by which God raised these above those. Because the men employ their goods to equip the women. The virtuous women obeying and are subjected; they carefully preserve during the absence of their husbands what God ordered to preserve intact. 
You will policy those of which you will have to fear the not obeys, you will push out them in the beds with share, you will beat them; But at once that they obey you, do not seek quarrel to them.
God is high and tall 

We will not forget the crimes ordered by the Ayatollahs; (which has right of life and of died on those which do not follow their injunctions!

All three: Religions of men, created by men for the men!
Who are caught for gods!

Do not find - you not that there is a logic with the resignation of believing who analyse and make such observations 
Then! What GOD? for these monks
Which are the reasons which make that the first to transgress the divine laws are its ministers? Why aren't they afraid of its ire?

As many questions, which remain unanswered

We spoke about the leaders, their exactions and their misdeeds, But do the people of believing of these religions, how live T-it this spirituality?

It is alas extremely regrettable to note that these people having as they affirm: "of the religion" are often racist, egocentric people, egoists and stripped of compassion; They are in deep paradox with their belief.
Certain people proclaim and apply the law of retaliation
"eye for eye, tooth for tooth"

Or is forgiveness?

Others kneel in front of Jewish God of Palestine, (Jesus) and make RACISM, exaggerated anti-semitism.
Definition of Semite: "together of People of the close East speaking or having spoken in antiquity about the Semitic languages such as: Hebrew, Arab, araméen. 
Thus resulting from the same civilization. One honours and dishonours in the moment which follows, the same people.
How much monk remained in our reports for their generosity, their abnegation, how of believing men or women of one of these three religions show their love for humanity while being altruistic? . A few thousands, on billion individuals.
- you think that one would not count any as much among not believing?

However! all the essential conditions for the improvement of the individual were present, since in all these religions one speaks about love, and of sacrifice. Instead of that we note - that, since centuries, the man was locked up in a deviationism outrank, and paradoxical. They defy the divine laws, and by no means seek to honour God as that should have been: by simple actions of love and generosity.
It is true, that often, we intend believing enthusiasts to say: we make our B. With (good deed.)
What please say to make good one moment in the course of the day?
Does one have to force himself to be charitable?

Which examples, which lesson these religions, these monks gave the Men so that they have the desire to change? 
NONE! If is not that to prohibit, and to punish!

They encouraged the Man to build his life egoistically: Around itself. So it exceeded its rights of land. 
It true, that with its defending body, it owed obeys, constrained and is forced, with the THEOLOGIENS which imposed this divine word to him: cf the bible: 
Genesis verse 9-chapter 1 and 2"
GOD said: "You will be useful yourself of all that lives on ground. The fear and the terror of you will be established in all the animals of the ground; I very delivered in your hands.

These same religious prohibited to them to honour and respect their feeder mother: Earth "paganism worship of the tree" As for those which always honoured nature: They were forced to forget their origins and their major nature.
Then the people Jewish, Christian, Musulmans did not think of our ground, more than in terms of profits, persuaded that they were the very powerful Masters. They exploited it so much,that their inconsistency, devastates it, ransacks it a little more  every days. 
They forgot voluntarily the lesson that with the wire of times it has to them 
given and always gives them.
Having had often one and the other during the history of the common interests being given the close links which connect them 


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