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   2nd  PART

 The second important point of which we would like to discuss: they are the policies and the politicians, and in speaking after having discussed religions, is a step oh! How much easy to cross! 

We noted with which facility one could arrange oneself with the intentions of God to sit his capacity and to impose his ideas.

In policy as in religion one finds the same prototypes the same motivations.
The Ministers in policies, like the ministers in religion, pronounce the same great "useful and necessary" sentences so that the men and the women adhere to their ideas! For that They will not hesitate to pronounce fundamental sentences such as:

It is for you that we act! It is for the good of humanity, for a great cause! 
These speakers benefit thus from the credulity of people
What we really see, we see people ready with very to install their capacities. How they arrives there? In an identical way! By massacring men per thousands per million. 
During the last two centuries which have been just passed, that we know Europe, and deaths which strew its history.

In France : 

The Revolution 1789 1 000000 of deaths 
The Commune 10 000 dead 
The Napoléon wars 2 600 000 thousand French soldiers 
The war of 1870 130 thousand dead
The Commune of Versailles 100 the thousand dead ones 
The war of 1914 1 850 000 civil soldiers +13 000 deaths
in Europe, the war of 1914 18 000 690 dead 
As for that the war of 1940: 38 million deaths civil and military,
That is to say: a total are equivalent to the population of a country like striped France of the chart for these two last centuries.

And we do not make state, of the concentration camps, tortures and the imprisonments.
With that, are added the horrors perpetrated by the dictatorships of right-hand side and left
Which is the common dominator: capacity. 
Can one still, speech of good made for humanity?
When one notes such an assessment, which would not be disappointed by the policies?
If we more closely look at our companies which do we see? 

A new religion places SCIENCE from there
holy Science and its supposedly Cartesian.

Monks having very quickly included/understood (the danger which risked remove their primacy.) For a long time they reflect it with the round of applause of the Satanism, and the heresy. 
Patiently We saw this science or rather its scientists put in place their capacity and their sovereignty. We saw them imposing their dogmas, and their laws.
Today the scientists reign as sovereigns.

We saw the so-called servants of the new religion prohibited, to condemn, and put their veto on all that they judged to be CHARLATANISM. 
Thinking and believing to hold the absolute truth;

Like very good swindler, they knew to show their beautiful and dimensioned, essential, and vital goods.
More crafty ones that the policies and the religions they did not kill, nor massacred, to triumph not! they seemed the benefactors of humanity. 
Indeed, we could note fabulous progress in the field of health.
They allowed remove diseases responsible for serious epidemics, thus saving human lives per million. Indisputably science made authority in multiple disciplines, advanced technology and this it is true for the largest good of all. 
However! in against part:
The scientists improved the armament, pollutant gases, the bacteriological weapons, and the "atomic Bomb" So that the users have the possibility of killing the men more quickly and in greater number.

They polluted our planet (ground, sea, air) like its vital resources, by the use of products and unsuitable energies. They are the short-term cause of the reheating of planet, and in the short term we will be the witnesses of tidal waves which will absorb immense ground surfaces and cities included/understood.

However as that was not enough: they play the sorcerer's apprentices now, with the manufacture of transgenic cereals, acknowledging ingenuously that they do not know of them the repercussions, but which they are not certain that that can have serious consequences for the man; Let us test initially! We will see soon ?
Previously, with the disease of the insane cow, we could note that one cannot always transgress the natural laws without there being serious consequences! Then why?
their inconsistencies and their wait-and-see policy takes the responsibility for thousands of deaths 
An example of their wait-and-see policy: a subject which made, little time ago still the topicality asbestos cf article on asbestos 

Other examples:
Every year of the thousands of species, insects and animals salutary with our ecosystem, as well as the species of plants useful to our medicine disappear forever from the surface of our sphere. We owe that with pollution, the pesticides, manures etc.
But it is true that (pollution, pesticides or manure, equal: profits.)
However the men of science, in the name of the scientific rigour, refuse medicines such as: the homeopathy which never killed anybody. 

Let us not forget the mandarins; these men of being able that are the owners of the research laboratories, of the services of hospital etc.
To keep the capacity, they reject without shame certain research where discovered, pretexting an unspecified reason to justify their attitudes.

They do not hesitate in the name of the scientific clearness of reason to install a new obscurantism.
See statement public in the newspaper called "Le Monde" of March 19, 1988.
Certain men of science are identified with this God whom they criticized
  so much, returning in the meanders of the capacity: who prohibits, and kills with good conscience.

Albert Einstein said: "we must go to the obviousness that our technology exceeded our Humanity

Without wanting to make catastrophist, you do not think that it would be more useful for the human ones, that the scientific community thinks of the problems that will generate the famines envisaged by them: in about thirty years.
It acts not only of the death of all those which will die of malnutrition! 
But also of the surge of the miserable populations in the countries saved by the famines generating slaughters and massacres.
Do some scientists conscious of this serious problem try to alert the persons in charge for governments, but all the scientific community is not this step which should move? Alas, it is more than obvious that science is with the service of the financial ones, of controlling, and the industrialists. 

Cf "the scientific dictatorship médico (SYLVIE SIMON)

Rabelais  wrote: "Science without conscience is only ruin of the heart"

Then in front of this report sadly condemnable, which must think? Which must to be our attitude? What let us have to conclude itself from it?

How long still the ordinary citizen, that which does not have no capacity will have  to wait until the scientific and political worlds intervene in responsible communities? through all these centuries spent, one gave the man of false combat, false reasons, false goals to his existence. Him the beginning of a knowledge was given, and it believed to obtain a complete initiation in religion as in policy or in science. One took care not to give him all the keys in order to better dominate it. One made him the demonstration of the capacity, making him believe that it could reach it and that it was to do everything to reach it. 
Capacity to be recognized by god.
Political power 
Capacity not to be mystified more by the irrational one. 
All that, precisely, with a single aim of making greater number, men, controlled, taxable people.
Knowing all that, which attitude adopted? Let us must stop making of the policy? 
Well on that not! It is obvious that we cannot let ourselves control without anything to say. It is normal to raise our voice when that necessary, is convinced that we will undergo good liking badly liking the laws and the decisions taken by the authorities said higher.

To call upon science? Of course! It is normal that we have recourse there, dice the moment when it is useful for the good being of the man. To call upon medicine:
Even if if often we have the impression to be pawns! "Since most of the time we are neophytes, therefore judged like inept and inapt to include/understand. Yes!
Not to do it would be aberrant. However, we must have the freedom of choice with regard to the therapy which we wish to use. 
The religions, the policies, science, we noted the similarities and the obvious correlations of these large currents of thoughts which dominate and control our companies. No moment of our history we perceive altruism and generosity for the people.
Religions: which examples, which lesson spiritual did they give us?
At which time of the history the politicians can, to be pleased to be at the origin of goods made for humanity? Do the overflows and the abuses science, how have to consider them to us?
The man of today pollutes all that surrounds it,
He respects neither the forests, neither the seas, neither the cities, nor people. 
Pollution it carries it in him, in its body and its spirit. 

The man does not respect god it makes use of it 
The man does not respect the ground it makes use of it.
The man does not respect the man, it makes use of it.

IF we do not want all to lose, we must find our old values, those which should never have died, and which we must defend. 
We can still save our humanity, by saving our inheritance. For that it is necessary to find our conscience, our origins.
We should not close any more our eyes, our ears, and our heart. 

Einstein still says: "it is not those which make the evil, which makes the world unbearable, but those which look without anything to make"

We know what there is place to make! Alas! In great number all one each one became hermetic A very called in question. Only sound small comfort, its small holidays, its small practices, its emission of "TV" account. It lost any enthusiasm and turned to God who in his eyes will not disappoint it and will again give a direction to his life 
"This god magician" who must bring immediate satisfactions, and pleasures to him.

This new God names himself: Money.

However this last dies economic fault of stability, and give certainty only to the some rich of this ground. 
On the contrary it brings only concerns, and insecurities with simple the man.
That shows us the urgency which the man of today has, to change, modify radically its attitudes and its form of thought if it wishes later, but with short expiry, food with dignity. 

It saw its life, with an erroneous vision of the existence. It was convinced that one can acquire happiness only while becoming rich, that while becoming consumer; a consumer at any price. One makes him believe, that only the possession should be the ultimate goal of its life.
It does not think any more whereas so that it does not have yet, all puts works in order to obtain the object of its desires and passes from it from a desire to another.
Only acquisition is important, it becomes the goal of its life it becomes an eternally dissatisfied being. Thus it builds its existence on the transitory illusion to have succeeded.
Really, that that has which only builds its life to obtain these tangible properties? NOTHING. Because it is obvious, that in a world economically sick, it will lose very if he built his universe that according to that. He builds his life on the dubious one, the precarious one. He wants to have quickly, even if he must lose his freedom of it.
He became compulsive eater: because it seeks to fill the vacuum which is in him.
It is empty of passion, empty of true, empty love of enthusiasm,
vacuum of authenticity. To appear became its only policy
to fight by this frightening weapon that are the media, which gives him this feeling to exist into exciting its individualism. It is played a part and plays the same part with the others, but like everyone in fact as much, all became false.
The relations are false, the life is false, food is false.
Soon! Even the children will be the false "love will not be more essential to make children, there will be clones! " 

However at the bottom of itself it understands that the life it is not that! That it should change! But how that is done without its knowledge! Without it having to make the least effort!
also it waits until one acts for him
If we do not even change for us, 
It is imperative to make it for the generations come.
In 30 years, like the scientists announced it, that we will leave them; Which heritage will they have? Thirty years it is tomorrow! Then why procreate? Only to please to us? If we do not guarantee to our descent a healthy ground, a healthy food, an art of living. 
Often one intends to say: with our children we let us leave them our house in heritage! All our goods will be for them! Eh well Not! We them Gentils we say Non! They will not have anything. Today we are in the incapacity to guarantee essence to them: love, of the genuine bread, a pure water, air not polluted a healthy ground: Simply life.
The men of being able take the responsibility for this established fact.
Nevertheless we are responsible as much, if we do not act.

Today despite everything, certain people have the desire to change, to perfect themselves, and want to initiate themselves with a knowledge to acquire a spirituality which is missing to them.
It is true that we have in Occident the oldest teaching which is, the oldest knowledge, giving to the individual an applicable spirituality at every moment of its life: Gentilisme, knowledge which the religions monotheists hastened to proscribe.

Our ancestors, the Indo-European ones had built their life by taking example on our Nature mother. Their spirituality had been born from this permanent and multiple model 
They had an art of living more authentic and, despite everything our technology, we will never reach this happiness if we do not change. 
This spirituality that many beings seek, this good being which we all wish, passes by this design of the life, this change.
To live in harmony, to relearn nature, to give again a true direction with our life.
To find the true values those which do not die. To find happiness to live with the different one. To find serenity towards the existential questions, because of simple comprehensions. How this change can take place? We will speak to you about doors, and keys necessary to give birth to the original source which is with deepest the note being.
Indeed there is a thousand-year-old oral tradition, transmitted from generation to generation, that the wise ones knew to preserve. It is not enough to want to become Nice. To be done, it is essential to achieve a true search. This Search must be done with passion, because it does not allow the mediocrity. 
It makes it possible to be serene, towards and counters all, without living for that in a happy positivism, nor to become a fatalist who does not fight any more. It makes it possible to rise towards this so desired circumspection. This knowledge adapts completely to our design of Western life, with our customs and habits, our form of thought.
This Western spirituality is our in spite of the desire which the religions had to completely make disappear, by replacing it by an Eastern spirituality.

2500 before J.C There was an Indo-European common language; language what spoke the unit about the gentility

cf (the BIBLE) Genesis 11 the TOWER of BABEL (name Hebrew of Babylon)
Everyone was useful of the same language and same words. As the men moved with the East, they found a valley with the country of Shinéa and were established there. They said one to the other: "Let us go! Let us make bricks, and cooking's them, with fire! "the brick was used to them as stone and the bitumen of mortar. They said: "Let us go! We build a city and a tower whose top penetrates the skies! We make a name and let us not be dispersed on all the ground! "
However Yahvé went down to see the city and the tower which the men had built. And Yahvé known as: "Here that does everything only one people and only one language speaks, and such is the goal of their companies!
Now, no intention will be unrealisable for them;
Let us go go down! And there, let us confuse their language so that they do not mean any more the ones the others "
Yahvé dispersed them from there, on all the face of the earth and they ceased building the city. Also it was named Babel, because it is there that Yahvé confused the language of all the inhabitants of the ground, and it is from there that it dispersed them on all the surface of the ground.

The religions Hebraic and Christian will have had both one goal: to destroy the people of Nice and his unit.
People: SCYTHES, INDO-IRANIAN, ITALICS (Italian) the GREEKS, the GERMAN ones, and the SCANDINAVIANS spoke this language.
In their turn; 1500 before JC, were the CELTS ALLAMAND, the GALLIC ones, the LARGE BRETON ones, and the IRISHMEN which spoke it. It was a slow propagation, which was done without violence. Without wanting to impose itself. This expansion was done in 1000 years, Creating a common culture with the people already present of types MEGALITHIQUES.
They believed in nature and sublimated creation They honoured, and rented the GROUND MOTHER. They respected the life in all its forms and were respected
One finds same enthusiasm, same the culture bases in the INDIAN TEXTS: The RIGVEDA AND the AVESTA approximately 6000 years 
All these people have a common vision of the world and this same design of the life. From where the same knowledge the same origin come the night of times
It is necessary to be linked to perfect itself. It is necessary to be linked in the same spirit in the same dash, and to change our humanity, not by the force and the domination, but for the example.
For us, Nice: Happiness is in our garden, why seek it elsewhere.
Let us work on the tangible one, on what is seen: US. 
it is capital for men having the same vision of the future world,
to work together to achieve this change.
Only a great upheaval of ideas and behaviours will be able to guarantee to become with our humanity and our planet. It is still time to leave the Middle Ages. The land one is not any more the center of the universe. 
The ground is not punt, and around it: there is no only vacuum, but a whole of other planets. We are only the inhabitants of this universe.
We are not any more the center of interest of the Devil and good God. They finished both being interested in us, even if some affectionate good old days: where the people keep silent, and followed a spirituality which was imposed to them by coercive monks. 
How a being can evolve/move to which one offers like alternative, that to believe 
as a God or then to be punished: punished by the divine will or the men who proclaim being the voice of GOD

Today still, much of our close relations preserved unquestionable Ritual, by 
fear of the ire of God or the hot fires. Particularly by fear of when tone says. and, in particular by the ancestral apprehension of the maltreatment applied to those which did not conform to the religious ideas which prevailed in the country. 

André Gide said: "in a world where each one cheating, 
it is the true man who has the appearance of a charlatan

Today still, considerable people are always laid out to harm to keep their primacy. It is then difficult of saying what one thinks, and to be a dissident. We will give for model the ayatollahs, and their death threats against the writer Salman Rushdie and of his writings, on the satanic verses. 
Or, counters this woman Musulmane writer Taslima Nashrin who carries out her combat like atheist, and wishes a reform of the Coran with respect to the women
For these two examples, it is the religion which is in question.
If we must speak political, we would evoke the Russian dissidents, and the Goulags.

As for science it is enough to think of all those labelled by the scientists of eccentrics or charlatans, for their too revolutionary discoveries, and with which one prevents from exerting their art.
In conclusion: we say that it is time that the men spiritually carried out find themselves, and give the hand to achieve for the example given, this essential change, to noblemen approach the XXI 2nd century and the era of Aquarius.