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Very as far as you will recognize the truth of the forgery, the reality of unreal, you will become Master of yourself.

You can eternally be worried, disturbed by unsatiated desires if you do not seek to transform your me!

If you wish serene being, you must develop this will which will give you the capacity to dominate you, not to be disturbed more by what you cannot obtain or to reach (Attention it is by no means question of which is essential with the life)

If you manage to suppress your ego, your spirit will be in peace, your body alleviated.
To know to overcome to your me is to control your impulses and your passions.

If your real desire is to reach wisdom, you will need with the wire hours, days and months to change this me which you know but that you did not wish to recognize.

If you wanted to make the effort of change with an aim of being true, with the intention to reach an indisputable charisma and in the single ambition to be liked for you: To beat you for isn't illusion to lose your energy in vain?

The Utopia, the pretence, it is the world in which you evolve/move, and for multiple reasons you do not want to see.

Which is the thing which does not age?

Study what surrounds you.

How much time you thought of: What it or it aged! And of this moment you thought of your own ageing. Is not this illusion only this youth!

Think of the objects, with the people that you coveted, you wished them and obtained and you let them choir in a corner, or threw happy to be remove (cars, pieces of furniture, curios, clothing, people, friends, workers)

You understand now that a many desires are only transitory.

To become true, it is to want to reach and obtain the values which do not die, which does not perish, which does not change, the richness of the heart and the spirit, the only ones which is eternal.

Why do not seek you to be loved for you, for your wisdom.

If one loves you for your car, your house, your beauty how can you be sure not to lose beauty, youth, richnesses, acquired goods....

Then would not be futile