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The natural forces which surround us are the 4 elements: the water which waters us, air that we breathe, the fire who heats us and the ground which carries us.
However the Wise initiates describing these elements imply their paramount matter thus being able with their liking to transform itself into Water, Ground, Air or Fire.

When we speak about the one of these elements, we always speak about the same energy, which arises under 4 different aspects: it is Ground when it is in its mineral form, it is Eau when it melts, it is Air when it rises in smoke, and it is Feu when it is excited. 
In an element the THREE others hide, because the Air contains in oneself Fire, Water and the Earth, which can appear incredible, however it is the alchemical and initial truth.
Thus Fire retains in oneself the Air, Water and the Earth differently it would not generate anything. Water is participating Earth, Air and Fire, if not nothing could result in the generation; one cannot consider them separately, ALL being mixed. 

In any of paramount philosophies and wisdoms, there is the representation of the 4
elements which are:


In each one of them, it is asked to be in agreement and to live with them. For that it is necessary for us to know them, feel them, test them, serve them and honour them.
All this to assimilate that, without them,  there never would have been conscious life in the materiality.
They form, touts the 4, our internal, external and subtle constitution. Nothing us even are made up without them. 

Each molecule of us even and what surrounds us is formed from one of them.
With the wire of time, in turn, the 4 elements are born, live, generate and die, more exactly, change.

This points out our own existence and operation to us: we were born, we lived, created, we died and transformed at the same time, with identical of them.

The initiates of all edges can recognize them in their symbolic system, as by exemple(entre other) the entities:

Gnomists or dwarves: Earth
Ondines or naïads: Water
Dragons or salamanders: Fire
Elves or fairies: Air.

In the geometrical figures:
The square: Ground; the circle: Water; the triangle: Fire; the half-circle: air.

In the epigraphy, the runes:
Ground; L., Water; C., Fire; H.., Air.

Its associated color is the yellow, and in our teaching it is the matrix, in which we will sow our seed of spirituality, and in which, in our turn we will nourish ourselves some.
We are our "ground", the BASE of our me: all is in us.
It is first of all an element of recognition: I SENS that, I KNOW that, I AM that
While advancing in our me interior we go on a known ground: our Ground, our base, our composition.
What will be born from it will result from our self and it is in that that we are matrix, therefore GROUND.
The ground is symbol of patience and example.
Indeed of the original explosion until obtaining the first fertilizable matter "ground" it ran out of the billion years! It is the result of very slow and long transformation of the bases by the intermediary of the 3 others.
The element Ground is also symbol of abandonment and confidence, bus, sometimes, without the leg, the claw or the hand it would be uncultivated.
The Earth, symbol of fruitfulness, of regeneration, in a palingenetic ritual with Water, the Air and Fire give him the capacity to create, recreate, give birth to.
One then lends to him the agricultural work like one of the elements of his fertility by indicating this act of Regeneration to him. 
We have in us its same capacities: to make be born, flower, grow, mature.

Its associated color is the white.
First of all a formula:H2O
It is the chemical formula most known in the world, and due:
85% of the surface of the sphere are covered with it.
75% of the human body of it are made up
95% for some animals (jellyfishes), plants (algae), mushrooms.
All our planet is an immense water puddle pool.
Let us admire which fabulous element that here: it has the three states: gaze (cloud, vapour ) liquid (eau), solid (glace. Its cycle is thus perfect: the circle.
With identical of the evolution spiritual ones: we pass by the materiel (solid), then the knowledge (liquid) and finally the spiritual (l' ethereal). It is a beautiful summary which this identification with this element.
Indeed we are born in the eau(le amniotic liquid); we come from the paramount oceans, and according to our cosmogony fire and the ice were linked in Ginungagap to create the life. This last being the name of the original pit of mythologies north-Scandinavians from where the Life resulted.

Water is the origin, permanent flow, the rise, the descent, the drainage of all our physical and spiritual being. It infiltrates everywhere, it is a contrary heavy energy  (au fire which him rises), runs, goes down to deepest, goes up and re-appears TRANSFORMED.
Water symbolizes perseverance, the will, the regularity, and the drain. It is the element of enrichment.
Of a pure gas it breaks down, condenses and materializes, runs up against the element ground, saw, courses pick information and even sometimes is immobilized in ice-barrier and thus becomes alive memory of the history of the life of its planet, because it is in identical quantity in spite of its perpetual transformation.
We proceed similar: ether we resulting, then are materialized, lived, died and transformed with each new life.
The symbolism of water can very carry out us still far, of the source to the estuary.
The process is rich many lesson. This would be only that of the end which generates its beginning, because water by its perpetual cycle never seems not to finish nor starting.
Water is fluid: it marries all the forms which it meets without never opposing them, water follows its course, it seems weak whereas actually it is the force. It then becomes the image even of the Diplomacy. Of the three terrestrial elements, it always dominates. That it is by softness when it erodes the rocks with the wire of the centuries and draws the coasts with the liking of the tides. Or then by its angers in torrent and rain it subjects the ground to its ire.
Even fire, however symbol of purification, does not resist to him. If by chance fire becomes avenger, water always brings back it to the reason.
At the Nice ones it is also wisdom because it does not dispute, it runs on the relief of the
ground without hangs, thus expressing our character in search of Wisdom to marry the difficulties of the life for better exceeding them.

Its color is the red.
It is "magic" and attractive: there exists, there is there in front of us, heats us, lights us and yet it is IMPERCEPTIBLE. Who didn't try child to hold the flame of a candle?
He is the containing hydrocarbon element of all that is. Fire derives from the spiritual Nature of the Light (visible demonstration of the world). Paradoxically, nothing could have been without him but there does not exist if there is nothing to burn. It is of this POWERFUL energy that was born the Universe. 
Its symbolism is general-purpose. The Divinities Hindouistes, Agni, Indra, Surya, indicate the illumination of the Intelligence respectively, the power, the sun which heats the world, helps with the growth of the plants, another element useful for the Life.

Fire is the purifying element.
It is often associated the Lightning, the Fire of heaven, and is symbolized by a stone axe to the double edge, sword, a hammer, a three-pronged fork, the weapon of Poséidon or Shiva, symbolizing the Past, the Present and the Future, and that which knows. The blacksmith being his guard holder of initiation, sealing by fusion all the acts of engagement. 

The fire of heaven will symbolize the Method in opposition to the Doctrines, but also will represent the punishment.
The heat produced by fire by meeting the matter becomes the spiritual blaze of any test.
Fire sets ablaze, it is also the direction of the Rise, transforming its energy into awakening of Spirituality. 
It is the transformer element par excellence: the ore becomes metal, the mineral magma or crystal, the liquid vapour or gasoline, wood energy and ashes, the digestible cooked food, the gas light (neon).
Its action is thus transformer and destruct rant, lighting and heating. It can be voluptuous (hearth of chimney) and destructor (set fire to). Impetuous like a volcano and soft like a candle, controllable like a match and untameable like a lava flow!
Here is thus of the Nice initiate: to be fire and in being the Master, to be hot and soft but sharp and prompt to feel the danger of the ego. Not to light the fire of passion, but to heat the heart or to reanimate a failing faith. 
It is in the center of the wheels of energies (cakras) and the mandala runic.

Its color is the green.
It is most imperceptible of all. Except an astronaut in orbit to 200 km of the Earth which can see it? Nobody! 
It is not seen, it is not felt and even when one believes to hold it it escapes.
It is elastic, extensible, compressible, without weight evident (0,5g per liter) impalpable, invisible and transparent.
However without him also nothing would live on this Earth.
All living it exists and breathes thanks to him, even in water there is if compressed that the fish live thanks to him: its composition is so complex that all one each one finds its cash there.
It is the breath of life; Indian Prana
The breath of the pagan dragon
In particular we will insist on this one. Because it is expression even of the life conscious, unconscious, present and impalpable.
We are conscious of breathing but let us do we it unconsciously!
This breath is the omnipresent existence of all that exists, it is the element which penetrates all, the space of most infinitesimal with most gigantic (Universe).
It is immutable and is concealed with all descriptions. It becomes air, liquid, matter. It is the sun, the ground, the moon, the stars, the comets, the galaxies, the minerals, the plants, the animals and the human ones. It is the breath of life.
The air, must be pure (physically and mentally), because it purifies our neuronal system, therefore the spirit. As long as we did not purify our way of apprehending this element we will not be able to vibrate in the unison with the whole which it represents. 
For us, the Nice ones, it has as a name ATHEN(blow) conveys which generates the life by the vibrations that we emit. 


It is difficult to evoke this element, WATER, without evoking "AQUARIUS" or "DEVERSEUR".
This era newcomer, pours its violent water in storms, rains, snow, hurricanes and cyclones, floods, which fortunately, are not the end of the world.
It is necessary to include/understand: end of a WORLD. They are the last sudden starts of one POISSON to the anguish. Because already Ganymède floods the arid grounds of the human brains, of this Water: Knowledge!
Apocalypse, the revelation (which comes from the Greek "apokaluptein" = to reveal what was hidden) will come at the appropriate time, when the 4 elements of which we are made up are ready.
This revelation is in hand, and like water, it impregnates our Grounds without we seeming to see it, it makes germinate invisible seeds who soon will leave to open out and to spread out. They will make go up mythical Atlantide (same symbolic system) Water.........