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The seasons enable us to better include/understand our spiritual life, because it is with the image of the nature from which we come and to compose with identical of it and our Grand mother.
A life could be summarized as follows :
In Spring, I come in the world, I learn how to walk, speak, listen : I LEARN
Then the 3rdt-piece, I come live in company, couple, I raise, I live : I WORK
the Autumn arrived, work is finished, the fruits matured, I laughed, cried learned : I RECOLTE.
The Winter which makes me sign, the sleep awaits me : I will pass through mirrors because I know that comes a new spring : I PREPARE the revival ! ......
We are left all between two seasons......
A time ago for all, a time for any thing :
a time to be born, a time to live, a time to die; a time to plant, a time to collect, a time to tear off what was planted and a time to plow.

If in nature the plants evolve/move at the same time, according to the season, it is not the same for each pagan which can be at seasons different from its spiritual life.
It is important to hold account of this difference for better including/understanding us.
When we approach Terra Incognita, it is recommended to us to get information before about the customs and habits of the new country.
It is the same when one goes to discovered from paganism; and if works direct and release the horizon when one has patience to make a synthesis of it, the councils of a teacher are essential to facilitate comprehension of it.
Paganism and all the other comparable forms (ethnic, native, animists) are related to an ancestral philosophical tradition and Knowledge of the body, heart and spirit, tradition raised among all people and expressed by Ovide (-43 - l7) in the formula :
"the world is a perpetual metamorphosis " This change permanent obeys an invariable rule :
" the movement eternal of the world reveals an invariable universal rate/rhythm by a succession of four states: 4 seasons (time), 4 directions (space), 4 elements (Nature), 4 ages (the man); the achievement of these four states forms a whole cycle which one named the quadrature of the circle. "
This squaring of the circle (important for the Druides), that one measures by the climbing, climbing rope, reveals quintessence : Graal

For any being : human animal, plant, mineral, quintessence is the leaven of the generation, fecundation, the nutrition, of the cure, that is to say, to finish, of the life. The work of the Search of Graal consists, by the intervention of the fire of the runes, to give again life with the leaven limed in us.
However, any gestation is even achieved in a way hidden at the bottom of us and under certain conditions ; we thus should be prepared to plant these seeds.

This reflexion over the seasons of the life can be combined of two possible interpretations :
- If we compare ourselves with an annual plant sown in spring and dying in the winter, the seasons represent the advance of the birth to dead (4 stages)
- If we compare ourselves with a tree, the seasons represent stages which follow one another and return regularly during our life. (4 seasons).



Contrary to the generally accepted ideas, the sowing is done in spring on a ground furnishs and finely filtered in order to facilitate the growth, to carry out a light work so that the future growths of our work have the maximum of chance to open out.
Spring is also symbol of purity: the cherry trees, the plum trees all is white
Of purity also because all is new.
When we recognize our defects and agree to clean and to purify our ego we become pure and of new beings!
Each analysed defect, recognized is a " flower ", the promise of a fruit, as Knowledge is the fruit promise and harvests in our life.
Let us do all of the efforts to join to our faith the virtue, the virtue science,
with science temperance, temperance patience, patience the tolerance,
with the tolerance brotherly love, the brotherly love compassion.
We see here a whole sequence of the faith to the Love (Love being fruit of the most important Tree of Knowledge !)
It is what occurs in nature:
- the flower makes confidence with the wind or the insects to transport the pollen of cheese cloths on its pistils
- pollen fertilizes the ovule
- the fertilized ovule evolves/moves out of fruit while passing by several stages, for example the stage of noose.
It is that a promise: a assured success if we make it evolve/move under the best conditions.
This temperance finds in our teaching by the runes Gift and spiritual Way at the time of the ritual of vernal equinox which had been prepared by the Festival of lustration : IMBOLC.
In our spiritual life as in nature, if spring is one period of considerable growth, it is also a period of great brittleness.
Let us look at the stems as they are frail, how much the sheets are tender and easy to be attacked by all kinds of small things.
It is the same for us : our " enemy " is the old man who does not want to leave us quiet and is exasperated of our growth : often the least hitch can become an enormous brake, therefore is persevering, and especially relies on us !
As for the plants, the trees, let us benefit from these times of favourable growth, because from the periods (the seasons of the Life) will come where time will be much less favourable.
Let us take all food necessary to face the dryness's of the summer and the cold of the winter (let us be rather ants that cicadas)
That sap of Knowledge, if abundant in Spring, serf not only of external construction but with a solid interior reinforcement.
That the seeds of our spirit make to us more creative than ever.


If the rooting of our promises, of our cuttings is not deep we risk death by the dryness of the heart and the spirit
From where importance, when times are favourable, in summer, not to push only in height, but so in-depth by regularly sprinkling our spirituality by the flow of constraint and work on oneself, symbolized by a peace and interior serenity, of truth in blooming. As for the work of the ground, the spiritual life cannot stagnate too a long time without putting it in danger. It is necessary to learn the lessons from them, to act here and now.
At this time from the summer season of Human it enters the conscience of its own divinity.
The harmony and the light are then at their top. We then are deeply root in our convictions and we build on a rock.
We become fully responsible for our acts not being able to charge our mistakes to whoever or no matter what is : only with us even : thus attention with our storms.......
Our spirit leaves the belly of the Ground-Mother and rises towards the Light.
We progress then unceasingly like the sun of summer, being exclusively the craftsmen farmers of our happiness.
We then become clear and transparent, just, right equitable and honest.
Hung to the foliages of our spirit our flowers will give the fruits of Generosity and the Truth. It is in initiation the time of the oaths of achievements.
We find all this in teaching specific to both runes of the respect and the victory on oneself.
What implies to become the example by the force of our Love, of our wisdom tended towards our goal of blooming.
At this time there 4 plain elements - water, air, fire and ground generate prosperity. Giving rise to the fruits of our spirits. We become still a tree planted close to water of Knowledge, and which extends our roots towards the current; We do not perceive heat when it comes, and our foliage remains green; in the year of the dryness, not fearing anything and not ceasing bearing our fruits.
To the end of the Summer the training of Patience arrives then.
Our meditations, the " weddings " of our bad sterile crazy (thinking grasses, mislaying, idleness), the effusions brought by the research task and other work having been carried out the end of the summer is often a calmer period, the temps(patience) will finish to make mature the fruit and the human one will be able to intervene only to improve it.
Let us be thus patient, until the advent of harvests, awaiting the invaluable fruit of the ground, fascinating patience in its connection, until the total strengthening of our resolutions in our hearts.
It is in this patient makes an attempt that our wisdom will become increasingly soft and tasty. Graal also often assimilates patience to softness.


Here come time from the harvest and harvests.
It is the moment when we will see whether we did not sow a seed "rotted " out of ground, because it is born nothing good from it.
The harvest is beautiful and good if we were right with us even and faithful and right with all our promises held at the appropriate time, the result of hard, patient labour
For that it is necessary to know to thank our ground that is our spirit, as well as material of course : harvests that is celebrated, the famous Celtic LUGNASAD or Scandinavian harvest festival.
It is the total acceptance of our responsibilities.
While entering the autumnal equinox, we collect the fruits of our patience just as with identical of nature we agree to also lose the ornament of our illusions (falls of the sheets, the ripe fruits and the horns of the animals)
Because paradoxically,
It is at the time of their death that the sheets, the fruits, the trees become prettiest. They fulfilled their mission, that to nourish the human one and, when we fulfilled our mission, we can withdraw ourselves in peace and happy.
It is also and especially the moment of truth, SA truth in oneself, our fruit returns visible what one did not see, our fine wordss, our beautiful resolutions, our good work, our good principles are confirmed or not. A fruit is unfalsifiable : it is the " reward " of our merit or not.... So unfortunately harvest or the harvest is not with the height of our hopes then : we must call ourselves into question.
For intense periods where we gave much for our advance towards Graal, it is necessary to know ressourcer, then the winter approaches to oblige us with a pause.


What takes the appearance of death, as us Natural Dame shows it is only appearance, because us them pagan soaps perfectly that Death does not exist : it is only illusion.
It is a long day before where we await the alarm clock and the rebirths. Where we will learn the lessons from our last errors in order to correct our weaknesses and to go peacefully towards this temporary illusory disappearance, a to some extent programmed "absence". The fogs of bragged of the Winter which darken and veil our eyes will be dissipated in the light of our introspections.
Each stage, each life at an end : It is in peace and the rest that will be our future work, in calms and the confidence which will be our force, where we grow permanently.
Indeed, they is at this time that the buds are formed, even if they are not yet visible outside, they are quite present there in our spirit and our spirituality. The time of the winter is a time of resourcing and preparation for the knight, as the tree undergoes this rest of the vegetation.
It is necessary for us to turn the page of the past, to forget what is behind and to carry us towards what is in front of us. What implies that will come times from tilling, to smoke our spirit in the future light of the promises of the winter solstice which at summer pre-programmed by the SAMAIN, day when we pay homage to the Masters who showed us the way.
Because of the cold, relative absence of light the lazy one does not plow; With the future life he will want to collect, but he will not have anything.
The ploughings will consist in deeply hiding these thatches and emptied stocks so that they break up in the ground and disappearing smoke the ground.
It is the same for us : we must bury, to destroy our exhausted roots so that they reappear the future ones and beautiful germinations.
This active life during the 3 previous seasons undoubtedly also caused wounds, disappointments, rancours which poison us.
Tilling in our spiritual life consists in hiding all these loads, so that they are destroyed forever. All that is in us and who does not bear fruit, we work it over again so that one day it bears noble fruits.
For the trees, as for the human ones one chooses the moment of the stop of the sap so that it cries the least possible. We also choose for us favourable moments to cut us of such or such parts of our life. winters that we crossed, by these times of examination and of tests mysteriously prepared another season of life
These alternations of season in nature and our spiritual life should enable us to accept two things:
- how our sisters and brothers are at one season different from our!
- that we pass obligatorily, our self, by various stages to become a fruit.