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Divine that is the verb is true, the verb is at the origin of the intelligence of the creativity, of the love but it is also the cause of destruction, massacres, slaughters, tortures morals and physics.

It is with the verb that the man becomes a god; also if you are conscious of the weapon which you hold, you will understand that I say to you:

Do not speak anything to say, slander, hawk false truths those which one says being of sure "sources".
These words which are not always known as with an aim of harming, alas! very often undermine the integrity, with freedom to be it.

Wise said: "the language is harder than the teeth". Those can bite, but the language can kill.

Use what only makes you divine to create, to consolidate, help, like, comfort, communicate, here for  what your verb must be intended.

It will be necessary for you to do everything not to wound verbally because it is always very difficult to catch up with a word launched to light or to come back on some facts or words which one said and which one should have concealed.

The man with the verb, educate himself with the top of the animal, but it knew by its malicious words, anger, wounding by false evidences to bring its next in prison, with the scaffold or  the suicide.

By its chauvinistic speeches, racist and xenophobe, generators of hatred, it  knew to give birth to from the wars and the genocides.

This fact the Man was lowered  with the lower part of the animals because the latter only kill to live.

With the verb, if you wish it, you will reach the light of the spirit, the intelligence and the light of the heart:


Do not waste this divine heritage by non-considered remarks