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The people represented me under various aspects: vase, lance, sword, invaluable stone, chalice.

They me imagined treasure, symbol of a revenge or carrying a knowledge.

They were the subject to ego of their phantasms. They will make me flag of a political cause, of a religion, sometimes Christian, sometimes pagan, but I would be especially the symbol of a search whose heroes will have for nom(confer the writer) Peredur, Parsifal, Perceval, Perlevaux, Parsival; they will be knights of the round table in the legend of King Arthur.

This legend tells the history of the prohibited loves of a queen and a knight, Guenievre and Lancelot. This same legend tells the installation of a new religion, "Christianity" in a pagan area with obedience.
The men of this region will be obliged unfortunately to fight to keep their religious identity. They will do it only after having tried to get along and live in harmony with the Christians. What was impossible, Christianity imposing themselves as a Master absolute and wishing to remain it.

The initiate who knows this history will read there in filigree the combat which will carry out believing them of the oldest religion of the world, those which had faith in the ground-mother, paramount philosophy where the man does only one with the Universal Conscience.

The man of this time was acquired to me, it felt responsible for his acts, his words. Only Knowledge, the Love, the Truth and Freedom were important for him. He was conscious of the divinity quii lived it.

You see, I am the result of a way which the control of its body and its spirit traverses an initiate in order to obtain.

I am the goal which any man should reach: Wisdom

I am paramount teaching, that which the priest "Godis" exempted by the oral tradition.

The greatest number of these priests were persecuted, killed, burned for heresy. Only these massacres those will survive which will hide, conscious that a dead man is not useful any more to anybody.

Then, this teaching running of great risks to be cut up, transformed, to be occulted by the new religions monotheists, the men and the women who held it, passed this knowledge clandestinely.

Thus this teaching which one believed lost it forever was not by all and during centuries, it will be transmitted in largest of the secrecies.

At this point in time the man being unaware of what I was, imagined the most insane stories,  most fantastic, to describe me. One did not completely dare to occult me and thus I soothsayers fabulous treasure, magic object having all the capacities...

This concept of to be able in its gasoline is not false, as well it is true as the capacity that I give is not that which one often has on the others, who am not that one, that transitory but of that that one has on oneself which is the capacity of the capacities.

As soon as you apply it without thinking of it but instinctively you will be on the way of the wisdom which gives serenity and the joy to the heart thus enabling you to be the Master of your life.