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You were often told, at the time of your courses of history, the biography of powerful men; who, in spite of their capacities, were day at the following day with low of the social scale involving in their falls numbers guilty men to have followed them.
Without speaking about the high positions, perhaps direct you and you are with the head of several people. Even if there is an enormous difference between you and these men who make the history, you include/understand the similarity nevertheless of it.

You who find you with the head of a group of men, with work, in an association, in a political party, which is your behaviour?

How acted - you and reacted you?

The force, the capacity, the behaviour will be studied here.

Generally, it is very difficult to know to stop and to dominate itself when one is in position of force.
That which is at the top always thinks that nothing will be able to block its action

Here is the error.

To provide, reflect, stop, understand, consider indicate qualities that always does not have the CHIEF.
It is imperative to think that many sand grains "the beings that one regards as thinking unimportant" those that one never does not look at, which one is unaware of voluntarily are in the beginning great destabilizations.
A word, a gesture, a lapse of memory can be the collapse of the building.
There are not tops without base, but a base can very quickly find another top
If you admit that, you will considerers each one with importance bus without this each one, you would not occupy the place where you are.
If you direct, it is necessary you to evaluate, to control, to channel but permanently thinks that the leader made the progression and the capacity but that directed is not always obliged to keep the leader.
Respect and you will be respected.

I walked solitary,
Then, I lost my road,
Rich person I was when I met others.