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To Love...

Indeed, wisdom is often perceived like a state or a particular attitude of an individual allowing him the understanding, the serenity, but, for us the Gentiles ones, it is not Wisdom without Love as it is not Love without Wisdom, one being the different one indistinctly...

To Love

Permanently, the man saw and has the impression to live when it brings back the things to HIM.
He wants to be the center of the universe: HE, and then the others, it gives little and waits much and cannot live without putting its me ahead.

Thus it passes to side even of happiness.

If one day it impregnated this thought 
"the others are me and I am the different ones, I am responsible for them, as they are it of me"

then only it will have included/understood what wants to say HUMAN.

To Love !

Does it know only what that wants to say?
It thinks the knowledge but when it likes, it proposes it I !
Whereas to like is to disregard sound me in order to live the different one, it is important to include/understand it and especially to admit that it is different and can have ideas and tastes, habits other than them his.
To like ! it is not to impose and it is not to do everything so that the other adheres obligatorily to our ideas.

To like ! it is to continue to like even if the other brings another thing to us that what one wished.
it is to include/understand and nothing to wait, it is to open its heart, its arms and to like always even if the other wishes to leave there, it is to want its happiness when well even it any more would not be divided.
It is to be given simply without thinking that one gives.

To Love !

It is to accept all the differences.
Racism, xenophobia, sexism are the keys which definitively close the doors of the love, the knowledge and the SEARCH OF THE GRAAL.

Without all these differences, to advance is impossible, each one bringing to each one.

The others are the image of what we must be or not, thus allowing us to exceed itself, to transcend us