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Sometimes when we discuss of point of divergence having milked with the religions monotheists,
Some people qualify us the intolerant ones, because we do not accept the idea of God who governs any things..
Intolerance: it is not to refute the idea of the other; it is not to refuse to adhere to the designs of the other; it is not to fight and resist the opinion of the other: it is not to accept that another can have an idea different from his. It is to require that the other have liking or of force same ideas as oneself.

VOLTAIRE, wrote:
" There are two monsters which afflict the ground in full peace: one is calumny, and the other intolerance; I will fight them until my death "In : Mélanges littéraires, Réfutation d'un écrit anonyme.

To fight intolerance, it is not intolerance: it is to fight against the ideas of that which does not give to the other the right to exist in its difference.

Any individual has the right to live his characteristic, very as much as it does not impose it on the other.

t is alas what we do not see in this century and that which has just finished: Fanaticism, sectarianism, intolerance religious, political, philosophical, are currently the batch of many countries.
An example: U.S.A under cover of liberalism, are made the champions impose on the eyes and on known world by the weapons or not, their own political and religious ideas, but their intolerance passes for bravery liberator.
They are identical to the fanatics who imprison, kill, massacre, persecute the beings which do not resemble to them. The freedom of expression, of opinions, should be the prerogative of all the democratic countries. In fact when we emit a criticism against the religions, it is that, alas! We can only note religious intolerance.

The critical spirit is dangerous when it is only used to slander. All critical is creditable when it is pragmatic. Then! By fear of the qualifier: of intolerant, do we have all to accept without speaking, without reacting? Do we have to play a part, and to say that we adhere to the idea of God?….NO!
Certainly not! Where would be then the freedom of thoughts.
Let us must be attended, clear, trade with the beings which are intolerant? Not! Surely not.
The search of wisdom does not make us laxist, obliging beings. But it increases our free-referee and our freethinking.
Then not! Wisdom does not want to say weakness, apathy, but benevolence with those which need some, but not kindness with the coercive institutions.

A Gentil: Intolerant? Never!

We are tolerant, benevolent, lenient and let us assert it high and strong! We will not adhere, to in no case, with all the religious dominations and policies which since thousands of years subject the people. (the man was born to open out and to be happy)!

We are against all the forms of segregation (racism, xenophobia, fanaticism, sexism).
We form integral part of our company and let us want in no dissociating us, but our convictions must be considered and respected. The thought is the only thing in the world that no dictatorship religious or political will be able to imprison, our is all that makes a knight in the noble heart, and we wish to transmit to all, a message of freedom, love and peace.

With each one its ideal!

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Certification Iddn

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